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Fairhaven House (FH)  is a faith based, low-income, sober housing program that is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church (SODC) . I am the Senior Pastor of SODC and the Executive Director of Fairhaven House.

Fairhaven House as a faith based organization requires that applicants acknowledge that they are Christians and understand the need for spiritual growth in their life if they are going to continue on a road of recovery. At times we take applicants that are not Christians if they have a strong desire to add a spiritual component to their recovery.

Fairhaven House is a nicotine free facility. What that means is that we do not allow the use of nicotine on OR off premises. We actually test for nicotine. Every inmate coming out of a WA State institution should be nicotine free. If they want to move into a sober house and go back to smoking, we are not a facility for them.

Fairhaven House is only interested in residents that have a strong desire to change their life, not individuals that are just looking for a release address.

Because of our requirements and our pre-screening process, we have very few relapses in our homes.

Fairhaven House has a home in Seatac, WA for men, it is called Valley Ridge. We have a home in Seatac, WA for women, it is called Flight Path.

Fairhaven House does accept Correction Vouchers.

Pre-Screening Process:
Currently we are not taking sex offenders. For any exception it would most likely be only for level one sex offenders. It requires full house approval for a sex offender to move into our Seatac house (the only house that we would take sex offenders.)

Individual must want to remain nicotine free.

Individual must be a Christian are open to the spiritual components of recovery. (They will be required to attend SODC services.)

The potential resident must read all FH rules, policies, and guidelines, and agree with them. They can be found here.

If potential resident agrees with all guidelines, the Classification Counselor sets up a phone interview with the potential resident and Executive Director Richard Dover. If the phone interview goes well, then the applicant fills out the 3-page application and it is emailed or faxed to 1-866-346-7186.

After the application is reviewed and a background check has been completed, the potential residents Classification Counselor is contacted to confirm or deny acceptance of potential resident.

Fairhaven House normally will not guarantee a bed earlier than 4 weeks prior to an inmate’s release date, even if their application is approved ahead of time. (We cannot keep beds vacate for more than four weeks.) We understand that can become challenging, but we do not allow or schedule ‘couch surfing’ to cover when no bed is available.  So we have a policy/procedure in place in regards to accommodate the need for a guaranteed bed 4-6 weeks in advance. (This procedure only applies if we do not know for sure 4-6 weeks ahead of time if we will have a bed available for the inmate. ) To guarantee a bed prior to 4 weeks of the release date the inmate can pay a $200 guarantee non-refundable bed deposit. (This deposit is not charged if we know in advance that we will have a bed available.) This deposit is not refundable regardless if the inmate does or does not arrive at the scheduled arrival date. (Be aware we also keep their first month membership dues/rent even if they do not show up.)

If you have any questions you can reach me at 206-396-1995.

Richard Dover
Seattle Open Door Church-Senior Pastor
Fairhaven House-Executive Director




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