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Fairhaven House Member Testimonials

The names of some of the house members have been changed and specific details have been adapted to protect the privacy of existing and previous clients. We do not have testimonials for women because we just opened up the Flight Path house for women.

Paul is an example of a changed life. Jimmy (not real name)l is a faithful member of a church with various volunteer responsibilities. It is an amazing journey how he ended up at our church.

Paul grew up in Southern California and like many during his younger years he was involved in alcohol. drugs. sex, with no thought or concern about the concept of God. He believed there was a God that was about it. His God was him and his addiction. Paul was mainly an alcoholic and meth addict, along with other substances.

Because of certain circumstances he came into money and financially was doing fine, actually more than fine. He had many material possessions. But because of his addiction he lost everything. He decided to start a new life and moved to the Seattle area. He was able to leave drugs behind, but not drinking. He ultimately got himself in trouble and found himself homeless. He started going to mandatory AA meetings. He ended sleeping at nights in various homeless sleeping programs at churches. He found out about the concept of sober housing and contacted us to get a bed.

When Jimmy came to the house he let us know he accepted Christ while homeless but spirituality was not part of his life, but AA was helping him to look at the spiritual component of recovery. He was open to the concept.

At first Jimmy was a hard person to be around. He was very sarcastic, not very friendly, and easily disturbed. He certainly did not like the concept of change. (Still some of his personality as we we all have various personality types.) He ended up becoming a house manager. He was not the best house manager. But he started to improve.

Today Jimmy is a very likeable person that gives and gives. He loves helping the church and helping others. He 'accumulates' tons of recognition plaques from his work for being an outstanding employee. He is in a leadership role in his church. He has few possessions but could care less. He loves his sobriety more than anything else. It is no stretch to say that Paul is a transformed person. He is not just a sober person he is a changed person for the better. He is the first to admit it was Fairhaven House and its discipleship program that changed him. of course, ultimately God. Paul now has many years of sobriety including being nicotine free for several years. (Like many it was the hardest addiction to say no to.)

Jonathan is an absolutely amazing miracle story. It would take pages to write about Jonathan. He was a major heroin and meth addict. Meth was his number one drug. Most meth addicts are individuals who seem to lose their conscious. Jonathan was a great example of the stereotype. He was a notorious thief and burglar. He did not care who or how he got money for his lover-meth.He spent as much time in jail as out of jail.

Whenever Jonathan was in jail he would do good, go to church, and say he was going to quit but as soon as he got out he went immediately back to drugs.

Jonathan also was very much involved with prostitution, not as pimp but as a 'friend' to prostitutes. He felt sorry for them so he would get dope to them, protect them, hang with them.

Jonathan was finally ready to change his life. He was at a 'sober house' for awhile before coming to our program. Without sharing specifics some things changed in his life and he needed to move into one of our unique homes. Interesting enough we have spent little time personally he ministering to Jonathan but he is one of the most dramatically changed individuals and has been abundantly blessed. He absolutely believes that the spiritual component of our program is the reason. He certainly is not a Jesus freak (we don't have anyone like that in our program) but he is one who shocks his old friends in his love for Jesus.

Tom was for years your stereotypical local homeless drunk that also has mental illness. Tom grew up in an atheist home. At a very early age Tom was on the streets drinking and being a 'hobo'. Tom was in and out of jail for years and years. His rap sheet has few serious crimes but is pages long. If you knew Tom before he came into the Fairhaven program, you would believe there is no hope for Tom.

To be very honest we felt there was little hope for Tom. Over the years of being in and out of our program Tom would relapse on alcohol. His relapses would be very serious. However, as time went on his relapses got longer apart and lasted days instead of months. We decided to give Tom one more chance in our program.

Tom has done very well. Because of his mental health challenges he most likely will be with Fairhaven as long as we have the program. Unless there is more spiritual growth in Tom he would almost for sure relapse at some point if not in a place of accountability. The good news is we do see him starting to grow more spiritually.

Ivan is in his 60's. Ivan has only been a marijuana addict. But we should not say only. Because for over 40 years Ivan could not function in life without smoking marijuana several times a day. He was able to hold down a menial job but most of his day was surrounded with weed. Before the marijuana addiction Ivan was a very intelligent young man. If you talk to Ivan now he is not 'all there'. At times he is like an empty body. But he has been off marijuana for over 3 years and is one of the most faithful members of Fairhaven House. He struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts for years. He knows he would be dead if it were not Fairhaven House in his life.

Over the years we have been able to help many individuals overcome their smoking addiction. For around six years Fairhaven allowed smoking off premises. For the last three years we have been nicotine free, (on and off premises). It has limited how many members we get in our homes and we normally always have some vacancies. So financially it was a bad decision on our part. BUT we do not do this ministry for the money, we do it for the people. We have yet to have someone who truly quit smoking complain that they are no longer smokers. They actually thank us for 'forcing them' to quit.

How about you? Are you the next testimony????

Sadly, we most also state that we have had multitudes of relapses. We have even seen some of our members die in the midst of their addictions once they left the program. This is the nature of addiction-it takes many lives. The good news for our program is that in the last few years we have had s 70% success rate of individuals staying sober. We cannot say what they did once they left our program but we have over the years ru n into some of our previous clients and they are still sober. Some relapsed while living with us but are sober now and say it is because of the seeds of our program planted into their life.